Roy Jones Jr vs Mike Tyson

Jones vs Tyson is an upcoming exhibition boxing match, this take place on November 28, 2020

In the league of heavyweight boxing fixtures that generate a lot of fanfare in the build-up and glue spectators to their TVs on match day, the Tyson vs. Jones match-up ranks at the very top. And It’s not hard to see why.

A one-time greatest heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson, aka the “Iron Hand,” will be up against the former four-division world champion, Roy Jones Jr, in an eight-round exhibition match at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, on November 28, 7:00 pm AEST.

Thanks to both boxers’ high-profile professional standing, the thanks-giving weekend fixture will go down as one of the greatest ever to have happened in PPV boxing history. The Tyson vs. Jones match comes up as the first among a series of events to commemorate the Legends Only League, spearheaded by Mike Tyson himself, Johnny Ryan Jr., Sophie Watts, and Eros Innovations.


Jones vs Tyson Background

In the world of boxing, few boxers are ever mentioned in the same breath as Mohammed Ali, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, and other past A-listers of the greatest-of-all-time fame. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones fit into this category meritoriously due to their exploits at ringside.

Mike Tyson (50-6-2, 44 KOs), famous for his explosiveness and tremendous punching power throughout his career, hung his boxing gloves way back as 2015. Since then, he has seen a lot of transformation in his personal life, with his charitable accomplishments topping that list.

Roy Jones (66-9, 47 KOs), the one-time four-division world champion, has been in the thick of training even post-retirement. So it’s safe to assume that he shouldn’t be so far off the pace.

If the build-up to this main event is anything to go by, it should prove to be one for the ages despite it being an exhibition. This post takes a soups-to-nut overview of the match-up, the Jones vs. Tyson live stream, and other interesting talking points.

Jones vs Tyson Boxing fight Date

The date of the showdown was fixed for September 12, 2020, but was later slated for November 28, 2020.

The motive for this reschedule was commercial as both the Tyson and Roy camp sought to maximize revenue for the event, leading them to fix the match on a weekend when the majority, if not all Americans, will be at home with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Smart move? We think so. But beyond being a smart move for the Roy Jones and Mike Tyson camp, at least from an economic standpoint, boxing lovers worldwide will feel this was a huge service done for them as most spectators will be at home. It gives them the opportunity to tune in and enjoy two supposed “old heads” slug it out in the boxing ring to entertain us all.

Jones vs Tyson fight Location

Sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission, The eight-round exhibition match will occur at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, a stone-throw distance from Los Angeles.

A host of music artists will be around to spice up this event with their musical performances. Some of these artists are Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, The Weekend, and Future.

Jones vs Tyson Boxing PPV PRICE and TV Channel

The boxing match airs on traditional pay-per-view platforms and the social media app Triller. The price is reported to cost $49.99 on these channels. The match-up will be aired on Fox Sports TV Network.

If you’re looking to purchase tickets for the Tyson vs. Jones fight, feel free to visit the website: StubHub also sells tickets for the boxing event. But if you’re on a budget, you can access Cheap Tickets. They got you covered as well.

Roy Jones vs Mike Tyson Fight card

Weight Class
HeavyweightMike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr8
CruiserweightJake Paul vs Nate Robinson6
Light heavyweightBadou Jack vs Blake McKernan8
CruiserweightViddal Riley vs Rashad Coulter6

Jones vs Tyson Pre-match build-up & analysis

Spectators love a comeback from retirement. And for sports retirees, nothing beats the thrills of making a return years after quitting the sports they loved, and lived, for pretty much their whole life. The ultra-hyped return for some unfinished business, the does-he-doesn’t-he speculations that follow, and the zealousness to prove that they’ve “still got it” in them—this is what sports retirees live for.

It’s even better when it’s pay per view boxing. Nothing tickles the professional boxing community’s fancy more than watching two all-time greats grace the boxing stage for a comeback of seismic proportions.

Mike Tyson, popular known for the intensity he brings to his first rounds, will be pumped with all the motivation he needs, after undergoing a 6-month fitness transformation, dropping six stone in the process, and showing real promise for the event. He would also be doing this for charity, and that should count for something.

He’s been uploading a lot of hype videos on his Instagram page to reveal his preparedness. Jones followed suit, albeit talking up the event at every given opportunity, about how he looks forward to the match, and how he promises to be at his best while he locks horns with undoubtedly one of the greatest in the history of the sport.

Jones is no slouch himself as he has won world championships in the super middleweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight divisions in his career. He sure fancies his chances against Tyson and would be relying on his characteristically high fitness levels. Jones has been in the shape of his life long after his last professional match in boxing, two years ago against Scott Sigmon where he won via a unanimous call by the judges.

Although, quite recently, he admitted that he might have made a mistake by electing to fight Tyson as he easily weighs 40-50 pounds less than Tyson. But he went further to say that regardless of this perceived advantage in combat, he would find whatever means to beat Tyson.

According to Jones, “If it comes down to bite, we’re going to bite. Whatever has to happen is going to happen.”

Jones vs Tyson fight Rules

First off, the Tyson v Jones match-up is just an exhibition, but you might be forgiven to get lost in the furor that has surrounded it as though it was a world championship contest.

Just as you would have it in the average exhibition, there wouldn’t be any judges scoring the points. Thus, there should be no winner—unless either boxer pulls off a KO (Knockout) or a TKO (Technical Knockout). The match is going to have a total of over eight rounds of three minutes each.

By rule of thumb, they shouldn’t be going for a KO, as it is just an exhibition. But things happen when the game gets hot and heavy, and the game promises lots of action because both boxers have been sparring hard in their training sessions—from all indications, they should have a real go at each other during the match.

Both boxing legends will not be wearing headgear, but they’ll be putting on 12 – ounce gloves to give them enough protection going into the game.

Tyson vs. Jones live stream guide

The Jones v Tyson match is a clash you don’t want to miss for the world. But life happens. So, if you’ll be out of town or unavailable for the match, then you can always resort to the live streaming of the event on social media so that you don’t miss any action.

You can access the Jones v Tyson live stream through any VPN channel. That said, the official broadcasting channel for the Jones v Tyson live stream match-up is yet to be confirmed.

The Triller app, in particular, is said to have acquired exclusive rights to broadcast the event. According to CNBC, they paid upwards of $50 million to secure these rights. To further heighten the buzz and excitement, they will air a 10-part docu-series revealing both legends’ intense training leading up to the main event to tease followers. They scheduled two episodes of these docu-series to air on the Friday night of every week.

Tyson vs. Jones live stream in the US

If you are in the US, you can watch the match via either ESPN + PPV or pay-per-view purchased through the Fox Sports Go App. But the broadcast rights are not so simple like they appear.

If you are looking to watch the pre-show and the initial phase of the undercard fights, you might be needing access to either Fox Sports 1 or ESPN, and you can get these with free trials to platforms like YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now, Hulu with Live TV, Vidgo, Sling TV

Tyson vs. Jones live stream in the UK

Sadly, there would be no TV coverage of the event in the UK. So, if you’re there, BT Sport Box Office is the best option you have to watch the contest. It comes at a price of just £24.95 through BT Sport Box Office.

You may also want to stream it live on social media. You can easily do this using the Triller app.

Tyson vs. Jones live stream in Australia

People in Australia can always tune into Main Event to stream the Tyson vs. Jones boxing live online.

Tyson vs. Jones live stream in Canada

Your best bet to watch the fight if you’re in Canada includes any of the free-to-air channels, or DAZN Canada, which has a free trial. All you have to do is to connect it to the Italy server, and you’re in!


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